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Magikcraft: Learn to code in Minecraft


Download the Magikcraft Launcher and try it online now!

Have fun while you play to learn to code JavaScript in Minecraft with magik spells!

Magikcraft introduces kids to coding in Javascript, the most widely used programming language, though Minecraft, the most popular computer game.

Turn gaming into a fun learning experience with friends. Gain reusable programming skills, collaboration and communication skills, and learn to mod Minecraft as you cast magic spells.

After-school, weekend, and holiday programs available.

What people are saying about Magikcraft

" I definitely recommend it to other coding for kids events. We had tons of fun and we look forward to doing the workshop again!"
"Brilliant for all the parents who want their kids to learn to code!"
"A great time learning to code in Minecraft. Check out Magikcraft."

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